• IAG

    GCSE Mathematics

    This programme offers a skills-based approach to six broad topics within mathematics. You will focus on algebra, geometry and measures, number, probability, ratio and statistics. You will develop confidence and competence with mathematical content when you apply it flexibly to solve problems. This course requires at least 2.5 hours of self-study each week, a minimum requirement of 85% attendance and completion of all set tasks for entry to exams. This course is free if you do not have this qualification at grade C (or a Level 2 equivalent) or above.

    Full Fee: £380.00
    60+ Fee: £380.00
    Concessionary Fee: Free
    IAG required

  • Preparation for GCSE

    A preparation course prior to the full GCSE and introduction courses beginning in September 2018. These short courses prepare you for the GCSE programme in terms of content, specifications and workload, without the pressure of the assignments and exams. Brush up on your skills and prepare yourself for your studies in the GCSE programme.

    Full Fee: £30.00
    60+ Fee: £30.00
    Concessionary Fee: £30

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